Friday, September 9, 2011

What is the litigation history of U.S. Patent No. X?

Like its prosecution history, a patent’s litigation history can have significant impact on current enforcement efforts. But quickly and accurately gathering litigation history about a patent (or more so for a group of patents) can be a nearly impossible task.

That’s why Docket Navigator created Patent Summary Pages. A Patent Summary Page is where all of the pertinent information about a patent’s litigation history — past cases, past claims constructions, past determinations about infringement, validity or enforceability, past remedies, etc.– appears in a single location that can be accessed in just a few seconds.

For example, by accessing the Patent Summary Page for U.S. Patent No. 7,558,083, we quickly discovered the following:

- In the past two years the patent has been asserted in four cases, two alleging infringement and two seeking declaratory relief.
- Fourteen separate claims terms have been construed in past litigation.
- A fifteenth claim term – ”filter inductor directly connected to plural of the windings of the at least one transformer” — has been deemed indefinite rendering all claims containing that element invalid.
- A jury has determined that the patent was infringed and that the patent was not invalid.
- A court has entered multi-million dollar damages awards and over a dozen injunctions due to infringement of the patent.

Today’s short video shows you how to access the Patent Summary Page for any litigated patent.

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