Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plaintiff Ordered to Reduce Asserted Claims From "Between 88 to 121 Claims" to "31 Claims Across the Four Patents-in-suit"

Defendants' motion to limit the number of claims was granted and plaintiff was ordered to reduce its claims from 88-121 against each defendant to 31 claims across the four patents-in-suit. "The Court finds that limiting the amount of claims asserted by Plaintiff is appropriate at this time to aid in efficiency and narrowing the claims prior to claim construction. . . . Plaintiff may move the Court to add additional claims that present a distinct issue of infringement or invalidity, upon a showing of good cause."

Oasis Research, LLC v. Adrive, LLC
, et. al., 4-10-cv-00435 (TXED September 13, 2011, Order) (Mazzant, M.J.)

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