Thursday, September 1, 2011

Has any court construed the claim term “frustoconical”?

The term “frustoconical” has been construed six times in five different cases. It has been construed three times as a stand-alone term and three times as part of a phrase. Constructions vary in their wording, but generally describe a cone with the tip removed (e.g., ”having the shape of a cone with the narrow end, or tip, removed”) or apply the ordinary meaning. Related terms that have also been construed include: “frusto conical”, “frusto-conical”, “frustoconical(ly)”, and ”frustum”. Docket Navigator contains over 35,000 claim terms, sorted by the case they appeared in, the judge who construed them, and the patent they appear in. You can use Docket Navigator to search for claim terms right now.

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