Friday, September 30, 2011

How We Do It

Since we began publishing the Docket Report in 2008, many of our customers (and a few competitors) have asked how we create the Docket Report and populate the Docket Navigator research database. The answer involves the same formula many of our customers employ to win cases: a bit of ingenuity, a lot of hard work, and a propensity to sweat the details. Today's short video provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the Docket Navigator team processes patent litigation information one day at a time.

As you watch the video, keep in mind that our team of patent attorneys and paralegals collectively spend between 20 and 26 hours curating patent litigation data for a single day. Not only does this ensure the integrity of our data, but it also means that you're only looking at the things a patent litigator would want to see, labeled with terms that you'll find valuable. Yes, that is a lot of work and much of it is tedious. But the result is a rich dataset that allows you to pinpoint exactly the information you need quickly and without the guesswork inherent in other research tools.

Video (00:03:19): How We Do It

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