Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chief Judge Rader Delivers State of Patent Litigation & E-Discovery Model Order

On September 27, 2011, Chief Judge Rader addressed the Eastern District of Texas Judicial Conference and introduced a major new initiative to improve e-discovery. It is a Model E-Discovery Order and a Committee Report created by the E-Discovery Committee of the Federal Circuit Advisory Council and unanimously approved by the Advisory Council. According to Judge Rader, “the Model Order of the Advisory Council of the Federal Circuit promises to bring some discipline to e-discovery expenses. . . . I would respectfully ask our bar to work with the bench to implement this first improving vision.”

E-Discovery Committee
Chief Judge James Ware (ND Cal)
Judge Virginia Kendall (ND Ill)
Magistrate Judge Chad Everingham (ED Tex)
Chief Judge Randall Rader (Fed. Cir.)
Tina Chappell
Richard “Chip” Lutton
Joe Re
Edward Reines
Steve Susman
John Whealan
The text of Judge Rader's speech, the Committee's Report and E-Discovery Model Order are distributed with authorization of Edward Reines, Chair of the Federal Circuit Advisory Council.

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