Monday, September 12, 2011

What is Judge Crabb’s track record in patent litigation?

District courts have a great deal of discretion in patent cases. Procedural rules, scheduling issues, fact and expert discovery, disclosure requirements, evidentiary matters, and many substantive rulings are all determined by a judge. And many of those rulings are effectively unreviewable. Obviously, the more you know about your judge the better you can advise and advocate for your client.

To help, we created the Judge Summary Page — a single location where you can access a judge’s track record of past rulings in patent cases. In this case, our question is regarding the Honorable Barbara Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin. A review of her Judge Summary Page reveals that Judge Crabb has, among other things:

- Presided over more than 190 patent cases
- Deemed 25 patent claims infringed and 55 not infringed
- Deemed 8 patent claims invalid and 15 not invalid
- Issued 14 permanent and 2 preliminary injunctions
- Granted 23 motions for summary judgment of noninfringement and denied only 8
- Denied 5 motions for enhanced damages or attorneys’ fees and granted only 1.

To see how we located the Judge Summary Page for Judge Crabb, watch today’s video.

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