Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lower Standard of Review by PTO Does Not Warrant Denial of Stay Pending Reexamination

Defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination was granted. "[Plaintiff's] contentions regarding the lower standard of review on reexamination and the possibility that it will create a binding record in that proceeding are inapposite. That the USPTO will invalidate a patent according to a lower standard than in the courts only reflects that after undergoing a thorough review by the USPTO, which has an abundance of technical and legal expertise, patents enjoy a higher presumption of validity in subsequent lawsuits. [Plaintiff] cannot, therefore, be prejudiced by the very procedures that allow it to claim monopoly rights in the first instance."

Card Activation Technologies, Inc. v. Bebe Stores, Inc.,
1-09-cv-00406 (ILND November 20, 2009, Minutes) (Gottschall, J.)

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