Monday, November 23, 2009

Evidence of Pending Reexamination Proceeding Excluded from Trial

Plaintiff's motion in limine concerning evidence of a pending reexamination was granted. "[E]ven if the reexamination proceedings are somehow relevant on the issues of obviousness or willfulness, they are nevertheless unfairly prejudicial. . . . [B]ecause the reexamination proceedings before the USPTO are still incomplete and based solely on the evidence provided by [defendant] in its replacement request for reexamination, there is very little probative value to the grant of reexamination. On the other hand, the prejudicial effect as well as potential for jury confusion is great."

Presidio Components Inc. v. American Technical Ceramics Corp.,
3-08-cv-00335 (CASD November 13, 2009, Order) (Gonzalez, J.)

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