Thursday, November 19, 2009

Defendants' Delay Sinks Bid to Stay Pending Reexam

The court denied defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination even though a parallel lawsuit involving the same patents was stayed pending reexamination. "[Defendant] unreasonably delayed in seeking a stay, causing undue prejudice to [plaintiff]. . . . [Defendant] waited approximately ten months [after the reexamination requests for two of the six patents-in-suit were granted] to request a stay in this case. During that time, [plaintiff] prepared for and participated in a tutorial and claim construction hearing, noticed or defended 50 depositions, filed or responded to more than twenty briefs relating to [defendant's] failed transfer motion and [defendant's] multiple motions to amend its invalidity contentions, pursued fact discovery, and is now conducting expert discovery. . . . For these reasons, the Court finds a stay at this time would be highly prejudicial to [plaintiff] and would waste the time, effort, and expense expended by [plaintiff] since the reexaminations were filed."

Motorola Inc. v. Vtech Communications, Inc. et al
., 5-07-cv-00171
(TXED November 17, 2009, Order) (Craven, M.J.)

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