Wednesday, June 6, 2018

"Necessary" Distributor’s Place of Business Does Not Establish Venue for Supplier

The court granted defendant's alternative motion to transfer for improper venue because defendant did not have a regular and established place of business in the district through its "necessary" distributor. "⁠[T]here is abundant case law from other district courts holding that a distributor’s place of business cannot establish venue for its supplier. Citing no case law, [plaintiff] responds that this uniform line of cases is distinguishable because 'none of them involve the case where the use of a distributor is necessary to conduct the business of the defendant.' However, business necessity is insufficient to impute [a distributor's] place of business to [defendant]. . . . The purpose of the statutory limits on venue in the patent venue statute was to protect defendants from being sued in forums distant from their place of incorporation or residence. [Plaintiff's] proposed 'necessary distributor' rule would largely defeat that policy; indeed, given that smaller manufacturers are more likely to need to rely on distributors than larger ones, [plaintiff's] rule would have the perverse effect of subjecting smaller corporations more subject to suit in distant forums than larger ones."

EMED Technologies Corporation v. Repro-Med Systems, Inc. d/b/a RMS Medical Products, 2-17-cv-00728 (TXED June 4, 2018, Order) (Bryson, CJ)

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