Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Discovery Concerning Potential Litigation Funding is Not Relevant or Proportional

The court denied defendants' motion to compel additional discovery regarding plaintiff's litigation funding because defendants failed to establish relevance or proportionality. "⁠[D]efendants move to compel production of Board minutes that discuss the potential funding, and move to complete the deposition of [plaintiff's board member], who declined to answer questions about the potential funding. . . . [Plaintiff] contests the relevance of the information requested and proffers an important piece of information: it does not have any third-party litigation financing. The Court is not persuaded that the materials sought are relevant to any party’s claim or defense and 'proportional to the needs of the case.' Even if litigation funding were relevant (which is contestable), potential litigation funding is a side issue at best. The Court finds that there is much discovery that would be more important in resolving the merits of this case. And the burden of responding would outweigh its likely benefit to defendants."

Space Data Corporation v. Alphabet, Inc. and Google LLC, 5-16-cv-03260 (CAND June 11, 2018, Order) (Cousins, MJ)

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