Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pain Treatment Patents Do Not Claim Unpatentable Law of Nature

The court granted plaintiff's motion for summary judgment because the asserted claims of its pain treatment patents did not encompass unpatentable subject matter and found that the claims were not directed toward a law of nature. "⁠[Two claims] each recites a 'method of treating pain in a patient having mild or moderate hepatic impairment,' and teaches using a specific extended release formulation of hydrocodone bitartrate that has a particular release profile. Although the inventions recited in those claims were based upon a natural law -- the physiological response to hydrocodone in individuals with or without mild or moderate hepatic impairment -- the claims do more than merely report those physiological responses. Rather . . . the claims asserted in this case describe a specific dosing regimen to treat a specific condition based on the patient’s medical status."

Pernix Ireland Pain Ltd. et al v. Alvogen Malta Operations Ltd., 1-16-cv-00139 (DED May 15, 2018, Order) (Bryson, CJ)

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