Thursday, May 3, 2018

Early Daubert Motion Permitted for Law Professor Expert

The court denied plaintiff's motion to strike defendant's expert report from a law professor, but allowed plaintiff to file an early Daubert motion. "Plaintiff, mindful that such reports have about as much chance of seeing the light of day as the Washington Generals did of beating the Globetrotters, wants to quash it now. Defendant points out that the usual procedure is to dispose of such issues by means of a Daubert motion. Plaintiff wants to resolve the matter through the more expeditious and less expensive discovery dispute procedure. Unfortunately, it really is not a discovery dispute. In order to avoid unnecessary expense, however, I will permit Plaintiff to file a Daubert motion now. . . . If the Generals win, I will then permit Plaintiff to file an expert report from a law professor in reply."

BASF Corporation v. Johnson Matthey Inc., 1-14-cv-01204 (DED May 1, 2018, Order) (Andrews, USDJ)

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