Friday, April 28, 2017

No Modification of Injunction Against Direct Competitor to Allow Infringing Sales for Orders Placed Before Trial

​ The court denied defendant's motion to modify a permanent judgment to allow it to fulfill orders of infringing products that were placed long before trial. "[T]he evidence at trial indicated that [the parties] are the only two suppliers of two-wire APS systems. The Court thus finds that modifying the injunction will cause [plaintiff] irreparable harm. . . . [T]he Court cannot help but observe that the Court’s permanent injunction did not arrive suddenly or without warning, thus diminishing the persuasiveness of [defendant's] public-interest argument. [The Court] found that the [accused] device was infringing and granted partial summary judgment nearly three years ago, the jury verdict rejecting [defendant's] invalidity and unenforceability defenses was handed down almost ten months ago, and [plaintiff] moved for a permanent injunction over seven months ago."

Polara Engineering, Inc. v. Campbell Company, 8-13-cv-00007 (CACD April 26, 2017, Order) (McCormick, MJ)

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