Wednesday, April 5, 2017

$1 Billion Valuation of Inventor’s Non-Asserted Patents Excluded as Prejudicial​

The court granted in part defendants' motion in limine to exclude the value of non-asserted patents from plaintiff's inventor under Rule 403. "Defendants move to exclude Plaintiff from discussing the technology or value of non-asserted patents that list [the same inventor] as the named inventor and that Plaintiff purports were valued at over $1 billion. . . . Plaintiff may provide a limited discussion of these non-asserted patents and their general subject matter at trial when discussing [the inventor's] background. Nevertheless, the Court agrees with Defendants that a discussion of the value of these non-asserted patents would likely lead to unfair prejudice and jury confusion substantially outweighing the limited probative value of such evidence."

Carucel Investments, L.P. v. Novatel Wireless, Inc. et al, 3-16-cv-00118 (CASD April 3, 2017, Order) (Huff, USDJ)

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