Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Allegation that Jury Reached “Quick Compromise” No Basis for Overturning $15.7 Million Verdict

The court denied defendant's renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law that the jury's damages finding was insufficient and rejected defendant's argument that the jury reached a quick compromise award of $15.7 million. "[Defendant] alleges that the jury simply 'split the difference' between [the parties'] competing damages calculations to arrive at an 'arbitrary' award. [Defendant] alleges that [plaintiff's damages expert] provided the jury with no evidence or guidance in selecting an amount within his proposed damages range and that the speed with which the jury returned its verdict [about an hour] implies that the jury rendered a quick compromise decision. . . . The jury ultimately awarded . . . a number near the low end of [plaintiff's] request. . . . [T]he Court concludes that the jury reached a reasoned and supportable decision and declines to disturb the jury’s judgment."

Rembrandt Wireless Technologies LP v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., et al, 2-13-cv-00213 (TXED January 29, 2016, Order) (Gilstrap, J.)

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