Friday, April 27, 2018

Patent Numbers in Surgical Technique Guides Do Not Provide § 287(a) Notice For Surgical Products

The court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment to limit plaintiff's damages for failing to mark its surgical products through its licensee's surgical guides. "Even though [the licensee] did not mark the licensed products or their packaging with [plaintiff's] patent number, [plaintiff] contends that the fact that [the licensee] listed the patent number in the surgical technique guides for these products as early as 2004 satisfies § 287(a)’s marking requirements. These guides are distributed to hospitals and at trade shows and are published on [the licensee's] website. Surgeons view and use the guides during the surgeries in which the device is used. . . . Because [plaintiff] has not established that the surgical technique guides were distributed or shipped with the licensed products, it cannot rely on the fact that these guides contain its patent number to show that it complied with the requirements of § 287(a)."

Acantha LLC v. DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. et al, 1-15-cv-01257 (WIED April 25, 2018, Order) (Griesbach, USDJ)

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