Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Repeated Sloppiness With Privilege Designations Justifies Discovery Sanctions

The court granted in part plaintiffs' motion for monetary sanctions for their motions to compel discovery defendants withheld as privileged. "The Court has conducted three previous in camera reviews of documents that Defendants withheld, and each time, the Court has compelled Defendants to review their privilege logs and produce additional documents in accordance with the law. . . . As a result of Defendants' consistent sloppiness and noncompliance, the Court has expended a great deal of time reviewing exemplars, holding conferences, and preparing opinions and orders compelling Defendants to produce additional documents that were improperly withheld. Likewise, Plaintiffs have spent substantial resources seeking to obtain documents that should have been produced long ago."

Au New Haven, LLC f/k/a Uretek LLC et al v. YKK Corporation, 1-15-cv-03411 (NYSD January 5, 2018, Order) (Netburn, MJ)

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