Friday, September 1, 2017

Majority Position that TC Heartland Does Not Qualify as Intervening Law "More Persuasive" Than Opposing View​

The court denied defendant's motion to dismiss plaintiff's patent infringement action for improper venue because defendant waived its venue defense by filing a previous Rule 12(b)(6) motion. "In the wake of [TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, 137 S. Ct. 1514 (2017)], a number of district courts have grappled with the question of whether the decision is intervening law, rendering an improper venue defense unavailable prior to its publication. The majority have held that TC Heartland does not qualify as intervening law. . . . This Court declines to join the majority view simply because it is the more popular approach. The majority’s analysis, however, is more persuasive. . . . [E]quity does not dictate that this Court allow [defendant's] belated challenge. Thus, because [defendant] filed a motion to dismiss [a year ago], but did not assert an objection to venue, [it] waived any challenge to venue."

President and Fellows of Harvard College v. Micron Technology, Inc., 1-16-cv-11249 (MAD August 30, 2017, Order) (Young, USDJ)

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