Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Significant Disparity in Valuation of Complex Case Justifies "Bellwether" Trial on Subset of Asserted Patent Claims​

The court scheduled a "bellwether" trial on ten claims from three of defendant's patents due to the complexity of the case and the discrepancy in the parties' valuation of suit. "More than a dozen patents are asserted in this highly complex, highly contentious litigation. . . . [Defendant] contends that it is entitled to approximately $10 billion in reasonable royalties, while [plaintiff] counters that (assuming it is found to infringe valid patents, which it denies) it is liable only for around $10 million, a disparity of about 1000 times. . . . A three-patent liability and damages trial will have the virtue of giving the parties a near-term opportunity to obtain certainty -- in this Court, and then on appeal -- as to the value of a substantial subset of their disputes. . . . Whether this case will ever be amenable to settlement is an open question, but the Court believes that obtaining clarity on the value of one-third (even a non-representative one-third, if that is what it is) of the case is at least as likely to promote settlement as would an advisory damages verdict on the entirety of the case."

Intel Corporation v. Future Link Systems LLC, 1-14-cv-00377 (DED July 31, 2017, Order) (Stark, USDJ)

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