Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Previously Waived Venue Objection Cannot be Revived Via Request to Amend Pleading​

Following the Supreme Court decision in TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Grp. Brands LLC, 137 S.Ct. 1514 (2017), the court denied defendant's motion to amend its answer to add a venue challenge. "In its original Answer to [plaintiff's] Complaint, [defendant] had stated that it 'does not dispute that venue is proper in this judicial district.'. . . [Defendant] thus waived its venue defense. [Defendant's] Motion for Leave, in effect, is an attempt to circumvent this waiver. However, the Advisory Committee Notes are clear that the defenses listed in Rule 12(b)(2)-(5) 'are of such character that they should not be delayed and brought up for the first time by means of an application to the court to amend the responsive pleading.'. . . Allowing [defendant] to amend its Answer to assert improper venue -- after [defendant] specifically stated that venue was proper in its original answer and failed to amend as a matter of course -- would also be unduly prejudicial to [plaintiff], as it would fundamentally alter the nature of the case."

Realtime Data LLC d/b/a IXO v. Barracuda Networks, Inc., 6-17-cv-00120 (TXED July 14, 2017, Order) (Love, MJ)

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