Thursday, June 8, 2017

Improved Bargaining Position for Ongoing Royalty Does Not Support Trebling of Jury’s Implied Per Unit Royalty Rate ​

Following a jury verdict of $234 million, the court granted in part plaintiff's motion for an ongoing royalty and awarded a royalty at the same rate proposed by plaintiff's damages expert at trial. "[Plaintiff] seeks an ongoing royalty of three times the implied jury’s per unit rate but provided little justification for this figure. . . . [Defendant's] proposal that the court simply award the rate awarded by the jury for the past infringing sales is a non-starter. . . . Relying on [its] expert . . . [plaintiff] sought a royalty rate of $2.74 per unit, which the jury discounted, presumably because the jury found [plaintiff's] bargaining position during the hypothetical negotiation was not as strong as it maintained. In light of [plaintiff's] improved bargaining position after the jury’s finding of infringement and validity, the court finds that the $2.74 rate is fair and reasonable."

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation v. Apple Inc., 3-14-cv-00062 (WIWD June 6, 2017, Order) (Conley, USDJ)

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