Friday, May 12, 2017

Plaintiff’s Failure to Dismiss in Light of Unrebutted Evidence of Noninfringement Warrants Rule 11 Sanctions​

The magistrate judge recommended Rule 11 sanctions against plaintiff for costs and fees incurred after defendant filed a motion to dismiss with declarations showing it "does not make, sell, offer to sell, or import any of the accused [products]." "[W]hile it is not clear that [plaintiff] undertook a proper investigation before filing suit against [defendant], [plaintiff's] conduct became objectively unreasonable at the filing of their opposition to [defendant's] Motion to Dismiss. . . . While [plaintiff] admits the question of liability was unclear at the time of filing, this relationship became abundantly clear at the filing of [defendant's] Motion to Dismiss with supporting declarations. . . . Tellingly, [plaintiff] decided shortly after the filing of its response to file suit against [defendant's licensee] [two months ago], but did not dismiss its claims against [defendant]. . . . [Plaintiff] did not reach out or file a stipulation of dismissal upon receipt and review of [defendant's] Motion and only attempted to file such a dismissal after it knew the Court was considering sanctions. . . . [T]his filing by [plaintiff] was simply too late to absolve [it] of its unreasonable conduct in pursuing opposition to [defendant's] Motion. . . . Instead, [plaintiff] continued to pursue its claims at the expense of the Court and the parties. The Court finds that this conduct warrants sanctions under Rule 11."

Blue Spike, LLC v. Caterpillar Inc. et al, 6-16-cv-01361 (TXED May 10, 2017, Order) (Love, MJ)

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