Monday, October 24, 2016

CEO’s Indirect Financial Interest in Litigation Does Not Preclude Expert Testimony​

The court denied defendant's motion to preclude plaintiff's CEO from providing expert testimony due to his financial stake in the case. "[Defendant] moves to preclude [plaintiff's CEO] from testifying as an expert witness, based on his 'blatant and direct financial interest in the outcome of this case.'. . . [Defendant] analogizes this situation to one in which a retained expert will receive greater compensation depending on the outcome of a case, a situation in which some courts preclude experts from testifying. . . . [Defendant's] clever argument has some appeal, but ultimately fails. . . . Any recovery in this case will initially go to [plaintiff], not [its CEO]. . . . In the end, the Court concludes that [the CEO's] indirect financial interest in the outcome of the litigation . . . can be handled appropriately on cross-examination."

Andover Healthcare, Inc. v. 3M Company, 1-13-cv-00843 (DED October 20, 2016, Order) (Stark, USDJ)

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