Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Docket Navigator CEO to Present at PLI Post-Grant Patent Trials 2016

Docket Navigator CEO Darryl Towell will be speaking at the USPTO Post-Grant Patent Trials 2016, co-chaired by Scott McKeown (Oblon) and Robert Greene Sterne (Sterne, Kessler) in New York, NY on March 14, 2016. The program will begin with an update on USPTO post-grant practice, rule changes, and best practices by Hon. Grace Karaffa Obermann, Lead Administrative Patent Judge. Other segments will focus on the role of post-grant USPTO proceedings as a component of a litigation strategy, including pre-trial and post-trial options. New for 2016 are notable rule changes to PTAB practice, increasing feedback from the CAFC, and emerging trends driven by the expanding PTAB workflow. Perspectives of the judiciary are presented by PTAB and District Court Judges, including case studies of well-known disputes.

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