Thursday, June 25, 2015

Analytics: Create Your Own "Motion Success" Chart

Docket Navigator has a new feature available that makes it possible to create your own customized charts and graphs with just a few clicks! If you’ve ever wanted to create a chart showing how many motions of a certain type are granted in a specific court, or by a specific judge, that ability is here and within your reach.

Docket Navigator’s new Analytics Motion Success page will take your filters (motion type, court, judge, etc.) and create a chart that allows you to quickly and easily display and analyze your results. The chart will display the grant rates in both numbers and percentages, and it also links back to the underlying data so you can read the court orders yourself.

Sample search showing filters and the chart:

With Docket Navigator’s Motion Success chart, you don’t have to wait to have a PDF of the results sent to you. You can create your own PDF of the results on the fly, ready for sharing with your clients or litigation team in mere seconds!

Check out the video for more detailed instructions. If you are not a current Docket Navigator subscriber, email us to request a free password to try out the Analytics!

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