Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Google’s Size, Wealth, and Market Power Relevant to Hypothetical Negotiation

The court partially denied Google's motion in limine to preclude references to its size, wealth, and alleged market power. "Google’s size and wealth, on their own, are not relevant to the issues to be tried. [Plaintiff] may not make general statements about Google’s financials that are unrelated to damages in this case. Google’s market power, however, is relevant to the bargaining position that the two parties would take in a hypothetical negotiation. Testimony and argument on Google’s market power is permissible to the extent that it relates to that negotiation, but is not permissible to the extent that it suggests that Google behaves as a monopoly or engages in unlawful or anticompetitive practices. Evidence and arguments about Google’s non-location-related revenues and profits, as well as the value of 'location' to Google, are similarly relevant to damages and are permissible for that purpose. With these principles in mind, the parties may raise objections to specific mentions of these issues as appropriate at trial."

Skyhook Wireless, Inc. v. Google, Inc., 1-10-cv-11571 (MAD February 27, 2015, Order) (Zobel, J.)

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