Friday, October 24, 2014

Post-Fact Discovery Amendments to Infringement and Invalidity Contentions Stricken

The court granted defendant's motion to strike plaintiff's amended infringement and invalidity contentions served after the close of discovery. "[Plaintiff] cannot avoid the boundaries of its timely infringement contentions by not disclosing the substance of its doctrine of equivalents and structural equivalents contentions until its Corrected Opening Expert Report. . . . [Defendant] would be prejudiced by allowing [plaintiff] to proceed on its untimely contentions, which would likely lead to loss of the current trial date and the necessity for additional expensive discovery, and could potentially require additional claim construction proceedings. . . . [W]hile the Court does not find [plaintiff] acted in bad faith, it did willfully proceed on timing in conflict with the Court's scheduling order for fact discovery. . . . [W]hile [plaintiff] will lose some 'critical' evidence, it may proceed on its timely-filed contentions."

Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, et al v. Power Integrations Inc., 1-12-cv-00540 (DED October 22, 2014, Order) (Stark, J.)

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