Monday, September 29, 2014

Stay Pending IPR as to Three of Eight Asserted Patents Denied

The court denied plaintiff's motion to stay its own declaratory relief action pending inter partes review because the potential simplification of issues did not favor a stay. "A stay no doubt simplifies the issues where all of the patents-in-suit are subject to IPR. . . . Here, only three of the eight patents-in-suit are subject to IPR. Under these circumstances, courts generally deny a stay of the proceedings. . . . [T]he Court is not inclined to allow five of the eight patents-in-suit to 'languish' while the PTAB reviews only three of the patents-in-suit. Moreover, the Court notes that nothing is preventing [plaintiff] from dismissing its claims as to the three patents subject to the IPR without prejudice."

SCVNGR, Inc. d/b/a LevelUp v. eCharge Licensing, LLC, 1-13-cv-12418 (MAD September 25, 2014, Order) (Casper, J.)

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