Monday, March 11, 2013

No Disqualification of Counsel for Prior Prosecution Work on Unasserted Patents

The court denied plaintiff's motion to disqualify one of defendant's law firms because defendant's attorney previously represented plaintiff on matters that were not substantially related to this action. "[Counsel] did not work on the preparation or prosecution of the [patent-in-suit] and there is no allegation that he ever reviewed, analyzed, or advised Plaintiff about [that] patent. Although [he] advised Plaintiff about other coaxial cable connecter patents and worked with the inventor of the [patent-in-suit], Plaintiff has failed to demonstrate that [he] gained anything more than a general knowledge of Plaintiff’s policies and practices during his two-year representation of Plaintiff on certain patent-related matters."

PCT International, Inc. v. Holland Electronics LLC, 2-12-cv-01797 (AZD March 7, 2013, Order) (Teilborg, J.).

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