Friday, September 28, 2012

Hourly Rates of $675-775 Deemed Unreasonable for Discovery Disputes

The court denied in part defendant's motion for discovery sanctions and found counsel's hourly rates of $675-$775 to be unreasonable. "This Court is not aware of any case before it where an attorney has sought that high an hourly rate for an ordinary discovery dispute. Based upon the evidence presented by the Defendant, including the Economic Survey performed by the American Intellectual Property Law Association, a more appropriate rate. . . is $475.00 [and] $325.00 per hour, which appear to be the median rates for partners and associates in the Los Angeles area performing intellectual property litigation."

Etagz, Inc. v. Quiksilver, Inc., 8-10-cv-00300 (CACD September 26, 2012, Order) (Goldman, M.J.).

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