Thursday, March 22, 2012

Success Rates for Motions to Stay Pending Reexamination

Since early 2008, district courts in the U.S. have ruled on 942 motions to stay pending reexamination. Of those, 538 (57%) were granted and 276 (29%), were denied. During that time, the Northern District of California ruled on 97 motions with a grant rate slightly higher than the national average: 60 (62%) granted and 27 (28%) denied. By contrast, the Eastern District of Texas ruled on 99 such motions, but granted only 39 (39%) while denying 52 (53%). (Note: The number of grants and denials do not include other results such as partial grants or denials, deferred rulings, etc.) This list provides a complete list of orders on motions to stay pending reexam. You may filter by court, judge, date, result, or other criteria using the search filters along the left-hand margin.

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