Monday, February 13, 2012

Plaintiff's Statement Concerning Inappropriate Purpose of Litigation Was Sufficient to Send Unclean Hands Defense to Jury

The court denied plaintiff's motion for summary judgment on defendant's unclean hands defense. "[Defendant] asserts that [plaintiff's] hands are not clean because it brought this lawsuit 'as a business strategy to drain [defendant's] resources and scare away potential customers,' and not because it had 'a good faith basis to believe that [plaintiff] was infringing the patents-in-suit.' . . . [Defendant] relies on [plaintiff's vice-president's] statement that the 'primary goals' of this lawsuit were to divert resources from [defendant] and to prevent potential customers from seriously considering [defendant's] products. The court concludes that is sufficient evidence of [plaintiff's] unclean hands to allow the defense to be presented to the jury."

Abbott Point of Care Inc. v. Epocal, Inc., 5-08-cv-00543 (ALND February 9, 2012, Order) (Smith, J.)

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