Friday, December 16, 2011

Public Interests Weigh Against Issuance of Preliminary Injunction Impacting Defendants' Participation in Economic Development Project

The court denied plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction in part because the public interest weighed against injunctive relief. A defendants' participation in a major public works project would be affected. According to [the] State Senate President . . . the Paulsboro Project will be 'the largest economic development project that Gloucester County has ever undertaken . . . . [and] is a great opportunity to create jobs, and economic vitality in Paulsboro and all of the towns surrounding this region.'. . . Specifically, the Port is projected to create 2,000 jobs and about $12 million per year in tax revenues. Therefore, the public interest weighs in favor of denying the preliminary injunction."

Weeks Marine, Inc. v. TDM America, LLC
, 2-11-cv-03850 (NJD December 14, 2011, Order) (Salas, M.J.)

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