Thursday, November 17, 2011

Failure to Pay $275,000 in Accrued Attorneys' Fees Does Not Justify Counsel's Withdrawal

Defense counsel's motion to withdraw was denied without prejudice, even though defendant owed counsel more than $275,000, where the only event remaining in the case was a contempt hearing regarding plaintiff's motion to enforce judgment. "The Court is sympathetic to [counsel's] position and acknowledges that $277,749.29 is a significant amount of money. Indeed, that may be even truer for a law firm of only seven attorneys, such as [defense counsel]. The case is so near completion, however, that the Court finds that continued representation by [defense counsel] does not constitute not an 'unreasonable burden.'"

The Walman Optical Company v. Quest Optical Inc., 0-11-cv-00096 (MND November 15, 2011, Order) (Graham, M.J.)

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