Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Claim Construction Resource

Docket Navigator has a searchable dictionary of over 35,000 claim terms. It covers claim construction at all stages of litigation including, for example, preliminary injunctions, summary judgment, JMOLs, and of course claim construction orders.

It also includes free links to the underlying court documents, docket sheets and other useful resources. Some sample claim term searches found in the Docket Navigator Tour are:

How has the claim term “real time” been construed?

Has any claim of patent number 5,615,342 been construed?

Has Judge Stark ever construed the term "storage device"?

Docket Navigator is in closed beta through 2011 but attorneys, patent agents and other professionals involved in patent prosecution or litigation may request free access during the beta at https://www.docketnavigator.com/create/user.

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