Thursday, March 3, 2011

$2.6 Million Attorneys' Fee Award in $300,000 Case Warranted Due to Complexity of Case and Value of Permanent Injunction

Plaintiffs' motion for attorneys' fees was granted and the court awarded fees of more than $2.6 million. "The case required an inordinate amount of time and labor based on extensive motion practice and discovery difficulties encountered during the course of the litigation, most of which were initiated or caused by the Defendant. The questions at issue, although artfully distilled and presented at trial, were complex and layered, requiring the analysis and understanding not only of the specific patent at issue, but of earlier related patents and patent application procedures as well. To understand, simplify, and distill the information and present it to the jury in an understandable and persuasive manner involved an extremely high level of skill. Plaintiffs' lawyers did exceptional work in this case, and achieved the best possible outcome for their clients. . . . Although the damage amounts in this case were not extensive, the $300,000 in actual damages pales against the value of an enforceable permanent injunction that will prevent [defendant] from continuing its established practice of infringement . . . ."

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, et. al. v. Haldex Brake Products Corporation, 1-09-cv-00176 (OHND March 1, 2011, Order) (Nugent, J.)

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