Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bilski Invalidates Patent Claims for Computerized System for Tracking Insurance Policies

Plaintiff's patent claims for a computerized system for tracking insurance policies were invalid for failing to claim patentable subject matter. "[Plaintiff] claims an improved method for keeping track of several different values . . . associated with the management of a separate account life insurance policy with a stable value protection feature. The determination of those values is a matter of the application of mathematical calculations, themselves unpatentable abstractions; and the storage and communication of those values is accomplished using existing devices. "[Plaintiff] . . . argues that . . . its claims have 'functional, palpable applications in the field of computers.' The Court disagrees. Rather than improving the functioning of computers, as [plaintiff's] argument would dictate, the claimed invention uses computers to improve the administration of separate-account life insurance policies."

Bancorp Services LLC v. Sun Life Assurance, 4-00-cv-01073 (MOED February 14, 2011, Order) (Jackson, J.)

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