Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post-Motion Correction of Discovery Deficiency Warrants Sanctions

Defendant's motion for discovery sanctions was granted. "[I]t is not lost on the court that Plaintiff did not provide the second supplemental privilege log until after the instant motion was filed and on the same day as it filed its memorandum in opposition to the instant motion. . . . [T]he court will not tolerate this type of discovery gamesmanship. Plaintiff should have provided the kind of detail in its original privilege log that it finally provided in its second supplemental privilege log. Defendants should not have to resort to court intervention to get the information to which they are entitled."

CleanCut v. Rug Doctor et al., 2-08-cv-00836 (UTD April 6, 2010, Memorandum Decision) (Warner, M.J.)

As of 04/08/2010, Docket Navigator contained at least:

100 orders on this legal issue: Monetary Sanction/Attorney Fees
300 orders on this cause: Mot. for Discovery Sanctions -- Monetary

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