Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plaintiff Not Required to Limit Number of Asserted Claims

Defendant's motion to limit the number of plaintiffs' claims was denied. "Defendant contends that it is suffering prejudice because Plaintiffs have refused to cull the number of claims they are pursuing prior to the commencement of the claim construction process. . . . The Court does not intend to impose an arbitrary limitation on the number of claims Plaintiffs may pursue. While it would encourage Plaintiffs to cull the claims as soon as practicable in order to prevent the expenditure of the resources of both the Court and the parties, it does not intend to preclude Plaintiffs from pursuing claims that, once relinquished, cannot be pursued in future."

EMSAT Advanced Geo-Location Technology, LLC et al v. T-Mobile USA, Inc., 4-08-cv-00817 (OHND February 16, 2010, Order) (Adams, J.)

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