Friday, December 4, 2009

Defendants' Website, Marketing Activities, and Single $29.95 Sale of Accused Service Warrant Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction

"Defendants have sold at least one allegedly infringing product, provided two samples of the allegedly infringing product free of charge, maintain an ongoing license with at least one district member, have contacted members to solicit business, maintain an internet website accessible by district members, and conduct Internet advertising accessible by district members. . . . The cause of action for patent infringement is alleged to arise out of these activities. . . . Any burden on Defendants in having to litigate this case in Texas is not sufficiently compelling to outweigh Plaintiffs' and Texas's interest in adjudicating this case in Texas."

Absolute Software, Inc. et al v. World Computer Security Corporation et al.,
1-09-cv-00142 (TXWD December 2, 2009, Order) (Yeakel, J.)

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