Monday, February 2, 2009

Eastern District of Texas Transfers Venue in Three Cases

"Under the circumstances presented here, the convenience of witnesses and localized interests weigh in favor of transfer with the other factors neutral or weighing slightly in favor of transfer. . . . [T]here is little convenience to the parties for this case to remain in Texas, while there are several reasons why it would be more convenient for the parties to litigate this case in Oregon."

Odom v. Microsoft Corporation, 6-08-cv-00331 (TXED January 30, Order)

"The Court finds that the overall nature of this case, considering all of the involved parties, is regional and would therefore be more conveniently handled by the Northern District of California."

PartsRiver, Inc. v. Shopzilla, Inc., 2-07-cv-00440 (TXED January 30, 2009, Order)

Plaintiff's first-filed patent infringement claim did not permit plaintiff to amend its complaint to seek a declaratory judgment concerning defendant's business torts claims that were previously filed in Missouri.

Catalina Marketing Corporation v. LDM Group, LLC, 2-07-cv-00477 (TXED January 29, 2009, Order)

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