Thursday, January 1, 2009

What is the Docket Report?

The Docket Report is a daily summary of events that occur in every patent case in every district court in the U.S. It includes:

• Complete information on new patent cases (all parties, all attorneys and firms, judge(s), court, complete patent information, etc.)
• Summaries of all significant rulings in pending patent cases and the rationale for such rulings, indexed by legal issue
• A summary of all monetary awards and injunctions (judgments, sanctions orders, permanent and preliminary injunctions, etc.) in patent cases
• A summary of all determinations concerning a patent claim (i.e., infringed, not infringed, invalid, unenforceable, etc.)
• A summary of all claim construction orders including a straightforward listing of all construed terms and definitions

The Docket Report also provides direct links (no log-in required) to all of the underlying court documents (complaints, orders, docket sheets, patents, etc.), at no additional charge. To learn more about the Docket Report, sign up for free trial now.

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